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What It REALLY Takes to Succeed

Much of the advice we accrue regarding success revolves around goal setting and having a detailed plan. This all sounds very good, until we realize that nothing in life is as clean and tidy as our intentions might be. As we focus on the key drivers for success in our Benevolent Events learning environment, we also impart wisdom on how to seize opportunities that come with plot twists in our journeys.

Whether it’s a campaign we’re creating for a Benevolent Events partner or a step in our own career path, we need to consider the following as we progress with our intended goals:

• Do Prep: The fact that our plans may go awry shouldn’t prevent us from putting down our objectives and paving a concrete track to attain them. Without preparation, we’re unlikely to succeed no matter what.

• Be Open to the Unexpected: Sometimes obstacles will get in the way of our goals. Rather than become discouraged, this is a sign to step back and observe the situation. Like active listening, we should look to understand before we respond.

• Know When to Pivot: While some roadblocks might be moveable, at other times we need to take a different direction. The key here is to remember while it might not have been our original plan, if we’re open and savvy about grasping opportunities, we might enjoy an even better outcome.

Plans are important, but flexibility and a willingness to go with the flow ensure success. Follow Benevolent Events on Twitter to see how our team capitalizes on the opportunities we have to thrive.