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Visit From DARE Leaders Draws Excitement

Some very special guests recently visited our Benevolent Events office. Tom Hazelton and Misty Banks, two corporate leaders at the DARE Foundation, were here to launch a brand-new program called DARE PLUS. This afterschool vocational class is aimed at young teens and adolescents who want to further their trade skills and build a better future.

This new program drew great excitement from everyone on Team Benevolent Events. After all, we’re in the business of generating awareness for causes that keep our youth safe and off the streets. We’re huge proponents of DARE’s in-school programs that promote healthy choices. DARE PLUS further supports this movement for healthier communities because it’s proactive and helps young people see there are vibrant paths for them to follow and lead successful lives.

Learning more about the change agents we represent is a key part of our Benevolent Events culture. When our team members are engaged in our peer-to-peer campaigns, it’s important for them to be well-versed in not only what our partners offer, but why programs like DARE PLUS are worth supporting. As we’re educated on the impact these change innovators stand to create, it inspires us to want to spread the word further as well.

It was such a pleasure to meet Tom and Misty and glean new knowledge from them. We look forward to more exchanges like this in the future, so that we’re ready to discuss the positive effects that their program will bring to our communities. See how we’re doing by liking us on Facebook.