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Strong Culture, Great Success

Life’s good at Benevolent Events because we focus on making sure our workplace reflects the same positive energy we bring to everything we do. A strong company culture isn’t something that just happens. We take many steps to nurture it, which start here in our office and extend into our community.

In our Benevolent Events workspace, we make sure everyone has the resources they need to thrive. From training and coaching to travel and conferences in other regions, we put a premium on professional development that builds confidence amongst our associates. Add in some exciting contests and coming to work every day quickly becomes something we look forward to doing.

But it takes more than just time spent in the office to form the team bonds that take us from good to great. We also make time for after-hours gatherings that are relaxing and oh-so-fun! Sometimes, we get together and have a great meal at a favorite restaurant. Other times, we make a point of really getting our game on by going bowling or checking out Top Golf. If you haven’t been there, this entertainment venue brings world-class links indoors to the big screen. It’s like bowling, with clubs. Plus there’s a lot of great food and drinks that go along with the experience.

Having a great culture is what makes Benevolent Events different. Follow us on Instagram for snapshots of how we make work something to look forward to every day.