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Reasons to Appreciate Working for a Small Business

The month of May is Small Business Month, and Team Benevolent Events wanted to take this time and share the features we enjoy most about working for a smaller company. For instance, we like seeing the impact that we personally have on our firm and on the team, and this is much easier to identify because of our smallish size. Whenever one of us hits a milestone or advances in his or her career, the positive reverberations are felt throughout the organization.

Speaking of advancing, we find that growth is easier in a small business. There is less competition for leadership roles because there are fewer of us vying for these positions, and because Benevolent Events is growing too. Our business model allows the company to expand and create more opportunities for development as we advance in our careers, so there will always be another level of success for which to strive. Even when we’re a much bigger organization, there will always be room for our team members to maintain forward momentum.

We feel more supported and empowered by managers because of our small office size. We work side-by-side with our leaders, receiving feedback and learning from their examples on a regular basis. This mentorship is vital for anyone hoping to advance in any industry, and we know how lucky we are to have this kind of access to our leadership team.

Bigger companies have their strengths as well, but there are plenty of reasons to celebrate working for a small business. Follow Benevolent Events on Twitter for more of ours.