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Giving the Homeless in Our Community a Hand Up

Philanthropy is one of our guiding Benevolent Events values, and we look for ways throughout the year to support good causes in our community. For example, we’re pleased to announce that we just donated 3,600 hygiene kits to our local homeless shelter! These kits included all of the essentials necessary to support men and women in a time of financial need. Our team is dedicated to helping others help themselves, and we were excited to make a positive difference right here in our own backyard.

While the positive impact we’re making in our community is the main reason we’re so committed to supporting charitable firms, there are actually many good reasons for companies like Benevolent Events to be socially responsible. One of the best is the way generosity brings our team together. When we make care kits or sponsor a toy drive (just to give a couple examples) we see each other in a new light. We’re no longer just coworkers – we’re also fellow philanthropists willing to put in the effort to meet the needs of others. The sense of camaraderie that exists after we join forces for a worthy cause is almost tangible.

We’re proud to be the kind of company that uses our success as a way to help others. Like Benevolent Events on Facebook to see what cause we get behind next.