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Gearing Up for a Memorial Day Event

It might seem like 2019 just started, but Memorial Day is just around the corner. Team Benevolent Events is already planning an event to kick off the unofficial start to summer together, one of our many bonding activities that bring us closer as colleagues.

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance as we reflect on those whose lives were lost fighting for our freedoms. We’ll certainly take time to show our respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Our other plans will include a chance to gather and enjoy each other’s company as we take part in typical summer fare, such as picnic foods and outdoor games.

In fact, our Benevolent Events gatherings are always ones to look forward to because we put extensive thought into how to make them appealing for everyone. Here are a few guidelines we follow:

• Be Inclusive: Whatever activities we plan, we consider our diverse team and what matters to them. For instance, we want to choose sports or games that everyone will be able to take part in. When we plan our menus, we account for special dietary needs so there’s something for each person to eat.

• Get Feedback Before and After: Group plans need input, so we make sure to ask people about their thoughts before we solidify arrangements. After each event, we ask for feedback about what went right and what we might do better next time. Even the most perfectly executed functions have room to be improved upon to be even better.

We’ll have plenty more fun in the coming months as well. Follow Benevolent Events on Twitter for highlights from our Memorial Day activities and other exciting news.