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Creating the Ultimate Career Bucket List

Anyone just graduating from college probably doesn’t have retirement on their minds. Hey, before we joined Benevolent Events, many of us were just thinking about where we might get hired for first jobs, too. Then we landed at a company that’s opened our eyes to long-term possibilities in an industry that’s on the move, with meaningful work we really enjoy.

Being part of Benevolent Events is something special on so many levels. First of all, we’re learning and earning by spreading word about change agents who are on missions to solve the world’s challenges. That alone ranks high up on the cool jobs list. More so, we’re looking ahead to what our futures can be, professionally and personally. We like to think of this as creating our career bucket lists.

So what does this mean? For starters, we’re making lists of what we want to accomplish in our careers. This isn’t just about how much money we’ll make, but how we’ll really cement our own legacies along the way. Many of us want to be experts in our industry, which means we’re soaking in all the knowledge we can now through learning and coaching. We strive to be the mentors others look up to, so we hone our training skills to lift our newest talents.

Finally, we all want to see the world someday. Fortunately, packing our bags for travel is one of the perks we get right here in our Benevolent Events office. Whether we’re scouting new markets or basking in the sun at a tropical retreat, we enjoy all-expenses-paid trips that help us visit different places.

Good news for you if you’re a recent grad – we have spots in our internship program, as well as entry-level positions just waiting to be filled by bright talent like you. Like us on Facebook for more info and to see our team in action.